Why us :-

Plants are some of the most complex organisms on the planet, and human existence has always been completely dependent on them. We rely upon plants for handy things like oxygen, food, energy, medicine, building materials, textiles, etcetera.

Since ancient times, the Egyptians have shown their remarkable skills with herbs. Ancient Papyrus scrolls have reference to over 700 herbal remedies, including herbs like caraway seeds, marjoram, spearmint, parsley, calendula, hibiscus and anise. 

Herbs are the oldest and most widely used form of medicine :-
Since the time of the first tribes, the botanical world has been our primary source of medicine.i Human physiology has evolved in sync with the nutrients and biochemicals provided by the plants in our environment, so it's not very surprising that herbs can have strong effects on our bodies and minds. Roughly 85% of pharmaceuticals are extracted or synthesised from plants.

Many years have passed since then, but Egypt is still known for planning high quality herbs in the form of seeds, flowers and leaves.Since Pharaonic times, El Fayoum has been most famous for herb and spice cultivation.